CRCA participates in Global Apprenticeship Summit

September 2023

The Global Apprenticeship Summit, hosted by the Canadian Apprentice Forum (CAF) and GAN Global Apprenticeship Network, brought together key stakeholders, leaders, and experts from around the world to discuss and advance the importance of apprenticeships. This inaugural event took place on September 28, 2023, in Ottawa and focused on a wide range of topics related to apprenticeship programs, their benefits and challenges and best practices.

The summit began opening remarks from CAF CEO France Daviault and GAN Global ED Kathryn Rowan. The central discussion during the summit revolved around the vital role apprenticeships play in addressing the labour shortage in skilled trades and how to increase participation in these apprenticeships.

Over 150 attendees heard from speakers from across the world, including New Zealand, Argentina, Switzerland, and the United States, who shared their insights and experience on how to strengthen apprenticeships.

Panel experts shared insights and best practices on how in-house apprenticeship training programs can be designed to ensure that the workforce is properly trained and prepared for future advancement. Also, the importance of providing a career path for people entering the workforce was highlighted.

The need to make apprenticeship opportunities accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented groups and those with disabilities, emerged as a priority. This inclusivity is essential for promoting social equity and addressing disparities in the labour market. Workshops by Canadian Coalition of the Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT) and Statistics Canada revealed that gender equality is lagging in Canada and that there is significant work to be done to make employing skilled trades more attractive to diverse individuals.

Presenters from various countries shared their success stories in creating policies and frameworks that support apprenticeship programs and highlighted the importance of fostering collaboration between governments, educational institutions, and businesses to create effective apprenticeship programs.

In conclusion, the Global Apprenticeship Summit underscored the importance of apprenticeships in shaping the workforce. This event played a vital role in driving positive change in how we prepare our workforce. CRCA will continue to collaborate with our federal and provincial partners to ensure that roofing apprenticeships address the challenges and demands of the workforce effectively.

Wendy Fraser
CRCA Technical Manager