CRCA meets with Iain Stewart, President NRC and tours research facilities

November 2023

On October 23, CRCA staff and Stéphane Poissant, NTC chair toured the National Research Council (NRC) facilities in Ottawa. The tour was led by Dr Suda Molletti, Team Leader Roofing Systems and Insulation, and comprised of the numerous laboratory facilities that are used for the roofing research projects including the guarded hot box testing facilities, dynamic load table, and the storm simulator.

Following the tour, CRCA met with Mr. Iain Stewart President of NRC for a discussion on the value of research, innovation, technology and education. CRCA and NRC share a 63-year collaborative relationship in the technological advancements in the roofing industry. This relationship between NRC and CRCA and other industry partners will continue to drive change in future technologies and advancement.
NRC has long been recognized for their cutting-edge research and technical credibility in the construction industry. The NRC tour provided a comprehensive view of the latest developments from roofing materials and systems and the crucial role of research in driving progress in the field.