CRCA's Presentation at OIRCA: Advancing Collaboration between Members and their National Association

January 2024

CRCA presented a business session at the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) AGM held on January 18, 2024, that provided OIRCA members with an overview into CRCA’s commitment and dedication to the roofing industry and how it is fostering members’ interests on the national stage

The presentation focused on several key themes:

1. Evolution and strategic planning

CRCA chronicled the history of the association from its incorporation in 1960 to the current board of directors and committee work. The current strategic plan highlighted the commitment to being the voice of the roofing industry and continue to represent members’ interests on a national basis.

2. Technical Expertise and Industry standards

The presentation emphasized the numerous technical standards and building code committees that CRCA is actively involved to ensure that CRCA members are kept up-to date on technological advancements in the industry. CRCA also showcased the National Technical committee and its role in collaborative research projects that are conducted to not only advance technical knowledge but also address practical roofing issues.

3. Advocacy and government relations

CRCA continues to raise awareness of the national association to governmental procurement departments and why they should hire CRCA members. Continuing efforts to lobbying members’ interest in addressing labour shortages and immigration was also highlighted.

4. Member Engagement
CRCA emphasized the importance of member engagement and communication. The presentation detailed the communication platforms that are currently utilized and the plan for future virtual communities to engage members for direct collaboration.

CRCA's presentation at the OIRCA conference was a testament to the organization's dedication to advancing the roofing industry through collaboration with members and technical progress. By showcasing the advancement of CRCA in government relations, and technical expertise and emphasizing the importance of member engagement, CRCA continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of the Canadian roofing industry.