BuildForce Report Gives More Weight to CRCA Efforts 

March 2024

Since our initial letters to the then-new Minister of Immigration, Refugees, Citizen Canada (IRCC), we have advocated the current immigration system does not work well for the ICI roofing industry.

The recently released report from BuildForce quantifies much of our position.

In meeting with the Minister, his senior staff, and others we continue to advocate for a better system that will give CRCA members more flexible and efficient means to use immigration as one tool to alleviate the acute labour shortages members are experiencing.

The system needs to recognize ICI roofing labour and skills as equal to someone with advanced degrees, in fact, many in roofing do have advanced degrees. A recent worldwide search by a CRCA member company CEO drew very public attention to the severity of members’ labour shortages.

Recent efforts by us have included examining how CRCA members may use the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot and possible changes to permit seasonal temporary workers to work in ICI roofing.

Later this month we will meet again with senior IRCC staff, and you too can help. Engaging members in Ottawa efforts can be a powerful statement, how you ask…write you Member of Parliament. Let them know there is plenty of work, real jobs that pay good salaries/wages.

The BuildForce report is an important report we will use going forward.